FireReady app now running on 550,000+ devices!

Dialog was first approached by the Victorian Fire Services Commissioner to upgrade the in-house builtFireReady app that crashed when it was needed most. Dialog’s brief was to create a scalable, robust and user-friendly solution which would improve the safety of people in Victoria. The latest version has achieved this goal - handling over 12,000,000 notifications sent in just one hour and 100,000 new activations, all on a severe fire threat day!

FireReady enables users to set one or more watch zones (eg: home, school, work, family and friends’ properties) and receive push notifications of alerts to fires in their areas of interest. The Google Maps platforms enables the wider community to seamlessly interact with Geospatial data and view risks which may impact them, their property or loved ones.

The app is a cloud-hosted solution with auto scaling and elastic load balancing, ensuring high availability during  even the worst fire danger periods. The system has been tested to support 65 million notifications per hour.

Dialog will be rolling out solutions to cover other natural disaster incidents, such as FloodReady andStormReady. This will enable emergency services to notify residents, when it’s needed most.

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