Google Search Appliance gets an update in version 7.2

Google have introduced new capabilities to Google Search Appliance (GSA) with version 7.2. Making it even easier to find documents, organise your data and let your team focus on what really matters: getting things done.

Entity management gets easier.

GSA 7.0 introduced entity recognition, which helps businesses categorise unstructured content by extracting entities - attributes like date, author and product type - from documents. With GSA 7.2, you get a chance to test and tweak your entities before indexing begins. This helps ensure that the entities you choose and apply will work best for your organisation’s needs.

Helping to make search more universal.

Companies rely on GSA to make all their files discoverable from a single search box, no matter where they live. It does this with the help of components called connectors, which link GSA to various data sources and index their contents. In GSA 7.2, we’ve made the connector framework more scalable and flexible. Customers and partners can develop and improve custom connectors more easily, helping GSA become a truly universal information hub.

More search, less typing.

Relevant results shouldn’t rely on exact queries - especially when you’re dealing with long product names or technical data. Say you’re searching for part number 3728. With GSA 7.2, instead of struggling to remember the exact part number, you can type in “part number 37” plus a wildcard character such as an * to execute the query. With wildcard search, you don’t have to memorise complicated terms to find what you need.

In addition to these features, GSA 7.2 also introduces a redesigned admin console, improved language support and advanced sorting. To upgrade your GSA software, login to the Google Support Portal and download the release.

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