Griffith goes Google with over 130,000 Staff and Students

BRISBANE, Australia, October 17th, 2011 – Griffith is about to go completely Google, with all staff about to join its 120,000 students and alumni who have already moved to the internet-based cloud solution Google Apps earlier this year.

The University is moving from an on-premise Lotus Notes environment to Google Apps. Main benefits will include an increase in mailbox capacity (25GB) through Gmail, and access to a suite of other web based tools like Google docs, Google spreadsheets, Google Calendar, Google Talk etc. These tools will enable real time collaboration, better sharing, access to information anytime, anywhere, through a variety of mobile devices, even across geographically dispersed locations. All hosted by Google, these tools will also help the University streamline technology setup, minimise maintenance, and reduce IT complexity and costs. Above all, the Google Apps platform will enable the University to maintain a common platform for staff and students thus enhancing the quality of interactions across all levels.

Pilot groups of staff will move to Google Apps this month (October), and most staff will move after the University’s examination period in November.  All staff will be migrated by March 2012.

Pro Vice Chancellor Information Services, Ms Linda O’Brien said Google Apps will provide opportunities for staff and students to enjoy deeper, richer collaborations and tap into the world’s latest communication innovations.

“We were drawn to the fact Google shares similar characteristics to Griffith, with both organisations being innovative, youthful, fast moving, and committed to making the World’s information and knowledge accessible,” Ms O’Brien said.

“Griffith is a leading research university that cares about its students, so it makes sense to create an environment that places our staff and students in the same space, which is pretty much a borderless environment now.”

“Our academics and researchers will be communicating, sharing, and building strong research profiles through collaborations across the world.” She said.

Assisting Griffith with the implementation and licensing is Google Enterprise Partner, Dialog Information Technology. National Practice Manager for Google Enterprise at Dialog, Mr Glenn Irvine, said, “We are very pleased to be assisting the University with their implementation of Google Apps, and facilitating the contracts for Australia’s first Google Apps implementation under Government Information Technology Contracting (GITC) conditions”. Dialog will provide licensing, implementation and vendor liaison support during the roll-out period.

Stuart McLean, Head of Enterprise, Australia & New Zealand, said “We are very happy to see yet another leading University in Australia adopt Google Apps. Education cannot be restricted to the walls of a classroom, it is when ideas can be quickly expressed, shared and developed that learning takes a whole new meaning. This is what Google Apps have enabled for thousands of educators and students globally and we look forward to seeing the Griffith community leverage the power of these apps to push the boundaries of what’s possible in education today.”

For further information, contact:

Glenn Irvine

National Practice Manager – Google Enterprise

Dialog Information Technology

+61 405 010 999


Maureen Frame

Senior Advisor – External Relations

Griffith University

+61 7 3735 6782