Media Release: Dialog’s World-first Machine Learning Enabled Enterprise Glasses

Brisbane, 12 September 2017: Dialog Information Technology is the first partner to provide solutions to the Australian Market, with a World-first integration of Alphabet’s Glass Enterprise and Google’s Artificial Intelligence services. Dialog’s engineers have been working with the early Glass Enterprise prototypes since May 2016, with initial clients including the Australian Navy’s Fleet Air Arm and the National Trauma Research Institute headquartered at the Alfred Hospital in Victoria.


The Navy solution integrates Glass Enterprise with Google’s Machine Learning APIs (Vision API and Natural Language API) to assist engineers with the Fleet Air Arm’s Helicopter maintenance program. A pilot solution was deployed for assessment with the Fleet’s Squirrel helicopters.

Commander Fleet Air Arm, Commodore Chris Smallhorn said the hands-free wearable HUD technology, offered by Glass, has the potential to improve maintenance task efficiency and safety.

“The technology enables video conferencing with supervisors from the actual location of the maintenance being conducted and enables a maintainer to have both hands free to conduct maintenance tasks, often at height and in difficult to access locations,” Commodore Smallhorn said. “It is imperative that we, as one of the world’s most capable navies, stay at the forefront of technology and lead the way in researching the best and safest way to deliver our warfare capability.”

“The partnership with Dialog has been ground breaking. We haven’t attempted something like this before, but we are committed to being innovative and agile in our operations. We are at the beginning of the program and it is promising.”

In 2017, The National Trauma Research Institute (NTRI) commissioned Dialog Information Technology to pair the Trauma Reception and Resuscitation (TR&R) System with Glass for Enterprise. This project demonstrates the utility of Glass in Emergency medicine, allowing clinicians to focus their attention on the patient while using Glass as a device to provide a visual display of the patient's vital signs.


Alphabet’s Glass Enterprise page recently announced Dialog as their first partner in the Australasian region after the launch of Glass Enterprise globally in July. Google National Practice Manager, Glenn Irvine, said “These two announcements are the culmination of our work with Alphabet’s X team and some Australian clients to build strong case studies for the new platform. We are very proud of these achievements and the integration with Google’s Cloud Machine Learning capabilities. Both of these case studies demonstrate the enterprise worthiness of these wearables, and the progress the Glass product has made in the last few years.”


For further information, contact:

Glenn Irvine

National Practice Manager - Google Solutions

Dialog Information Technology

+61 405 010 999


About the Dialog Google Solutions National Practice:  Dialog Information Technology is a Premier Google Cloud Partner in Australia and New Zealand, with over 1,200 full-time consultants across offices in all capital cities. The practice offers industry solutions built on Google Cloud products including Google Maps, Google Cloud Platform, and the Google G Suite (G Mail, Drive, Vault, App Maker, Android, Chrome), as well as emerging Google technologies (including Glass & Robotics) specialising in Government, Defence, Policing, Utilities, Logistics and Telco sectors.