Release of Google Earth Enterprise version 5.0

Dialog's Google Enterprise Practice is pleased to announce the official release of Google Earth Enterprise 5.0. 

GEE 5.0 introduces a flexible and dynamic approach to publishing maps and globes. Numerous issues have been resolved, with a new publishing approach to enhance functionality.  Virtual hosts (previously called virtual servers) now only specify a security protocol and can be associated with multiple published globes and maps. This decouples the task of setting up security protocols from publishing maps and globes.  Associating search sets and snippets at the time of publishing allows you to present different versions on the same underlying Fusion database, which can then be made available at different URLs and under different security protocols.  All of this can be done in a matter of seconds from the new GEE Server Admin console, and no longer requires interaction with Fusion.

Dialog Google Enterprise Practice are proud to offer the latest 5.0 Google Earth Enterprise standalone or as part of our industry-focused ARGOS solutions.

Contact our dedicated Google Sales Executives or Technical teams about Google Earth Enterprise 5.0