Translink Case Study

The Client: Translink

Translink is an agency of the Department of Transport and Main Roads introduced by the Queensland Government in June 2003 to coordinate and integrate rail, bus and ferry services. TransLink works with Airtrain, Brisbane Transport, Brisbane Ferries, QR Citytrain and 17 other operators to provide these services in South East Queensland. TransLink runs an integrated ticketing system and a smartcard system (known as Gocard) to allow the use of one ticket on multiple services.

Client Challenge:

Translink required the presentation of all of their managed routes on a familiar Google Maps like interface for their online users.

Dialog Solution:

Dialog’s Google Enterprise practice assisted Translink with the licensing and advisory support for integrating Google Maps for Business with their routing software to present their route data on Google Maps. All online and mobile users of Translink’s services are now able to see the transport routes on the familiar Google Maps platform.

Google Platform:

Google Maps for Business