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Collaboration for Emergency Departments

Providing a reliable real-time situational awareness platform for the Emergency (000) call centre, operations room and field mobile devices. Create a Common Operating Picture across mobile teams and Operations centres. Create detailed yet highly translatable maps to define, manage and contain emergency situations/disaster relief efforts.

  • Live tracked Team and Vehicle mapping
  • Scalable Emergency and Hazard Community Communications
  • Relief and prevention planning
  • User Friendly Platform accessible anywhere
  • Mobility of BYO device and user friendly Google platform for minimal training

Keep teams safe, monitor traffic, all hazards, social media updates and live weather all on a platform you already use, share this information with anyone, on any device with the Google solutions we can provide. Spatial awareness is made uniform, clear and concise to minimise risks, coordinate efforts and reduce miscommunication or confusion.

Through a common operating picture, communication of risk areas, weather hazards and other teams/assets to recovery/relief workers and the general public can be shown in real time and displayed on both static and mobile devices.

Case Study

Google Glass Explorer Patrick Jackson a developer and firefighter from Rocky Mount, North Carolina is building Glassware that he hopes could one day help firefighters everywhere. Providing hands-free access to the information they need, when they need it with Google Glass. 

With this technology emergency responders could utilise the easy to use Google platforms with live data such as GPS tracked assets, personnel and vehicles, live weather data, social media feeds and hazard databases all with the convenience of being accessed on any web enabled device.  



Our Solutions 

Google Maps for Operations

Google Maps for Business has been implemented in numerous international emergency and disaster management teams. From Cyclone tracking, relief and clean-up to common operating picture for clear communication with static and mobile teams as well as wider community.

Giving volunteers and the community access to the data they need to see, whilst letting your team view more sensitive layers of information. Coordinate relief/evacuation efforts while keeping teams and the community safe.

The Red Cross built an emergency management system based on Google Maps. Now all their geo-data is on the cloud so a central command can assess a situation and make effective decisions as the crisis unfolds.


Google Crisis Group Services & Liaison

Google Crisis Response tools were launched to quickly reach people in need and to efficiently run your internal operations during a crisis. Emergency responders can employ a number of platforms to streamline internal operations and get information to the public as quickly, broadly, and effectively as possible.

Help us make sure that we are prepared to help your community by providing information about the type of data your department provides and would like help disseminating in the case of of a disaster affecting your area.

  • Google Public Alerts ~ go online to search for the latest emergency information
  • Google Person Finder ~ responders play a role in helping people locate one another
  • Google Crisis Map ~ critical disaster-related geographic data in context, and in a map-based platform
  • Google Maps API ~ responders can also easily create custom Google maps


Google Glass for First Responders

Still in it's infancy, Dialog's Glass app enables first responders to access critical, live and collaborative operational data while allowing live video feeds from the incident commanders to be piped into the operations room.

Google Glass is the next step in augmented operations innovation, placing data in front of users who need to access it, hands free, in critical situations. 

Emergency response will be hands-free, high-tech and in real-time with features such as overlaying augmented reality information on Google Maps to offer emergency workers a familiar mapping technology.

Agencies can layer their data on top of Google’s base map and create their own maps and geospatial applications that can be used by their frontline and operations staff, anytime, anywhere. Operators can rely on maps that are comprehensive, easy-to-use and always relevant.


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