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Our mission is to foster innovation and develop cutting edge solutions for the problems that today’s organisations are facing.

Glass Enterprise is an easily integrated device, spun out from the original ideas of Google Glass, that empowers workers in a variety of industries to stay hands-on while being hands free. A wearable input/output device, Glass Enterprise shows topical data on a non-intrusive heads up display (HUD) and allows user interaction for data gathering. As Australia’s Glass for Enterprise partner, the Dialog Google Solutions Practice has the capacity to provide technology and solutions for Glass projects of all sizes.


The Google Robotics Division is part of Google X’s Replicant Initiative, and Dialog has worked with some of the leading elements of the division, like Boston Dynamics for clients exploring robotics and automation.


Boston Dynamics and its’ elite technical and development teams design and construct robots with progressive engineering and frontier thinking. These machines are developed with advanced physical and computing abilities so they can be practical in the real world while responding to environments that require high levels of mobility and animal like dexterity.


When organisational obstacles are met with the ingenuity of Boston Dynamics mechanical designs the solution is intelligent robots with enhanced mobility, agility, dexterity and speed.

Boston Dynamics

Project Tango enables a device to know where it is and how it moves through space. Google’s Advanced Technologies and Projects (ATAP) Labs developed Tango enabled devices by extending the use of advanced computer vision, image processing and special vision to mobile devices. These spatial perception technologies are already being used in a number of applications; ranging from a virtual measuring tape, to an augmented furniture and decor planner, to educational and recreational games.


Now a part of Google’s Virtual Reality team, Daydream, this product is adding colour and richness to interactive augmented reality. This technology is operating in a number of select museums around the world right now creating interactive environments for people to enjoy and discover.


Dialog works with its customers in asset intensive industries to improve operational safety and asset identification through the augmented reality capability available from Tango devices by overlaying contextually rich attribution information from data warehouses onto real world objects in real time.



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Dialog is the Google Cloud Premier Partner in Australasia. Delivering Google Maps, Cloud and G Suite licensing and solutions for many of the region's largest Corporations and Government Agencies. Dialog specialises in deploying and integrating Google technologies with legacy corporate systems and platforms for our clients, providing scalable, robust and secure solutions that are popular with their users.

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