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Dialog and Google for Government

Dialog has a long history of assisting departments and agencies across the Federal, State and Local levels of government with IT solutions and in particular cloud capabilities in recent years.

Dialog’s Google Solutions Practice has consulted with two of Australia’s State Whole of Government CIO offices on matters relating to managing Data Sovereignty, to privacy and security requirements, as well as understanding the architecture of cloud services suitable for use by government bodies.

Dialog has provided pilots of cloud services and contracted with agencies to provide Safe Harbor conditions for cloud services provided by global companies like Google. The practice has also outsourced the provision of these services and licensing management to provide the right services to government and to simplify the management of the vendors.

Dialog has also provided a strong advocacy for client agencies when dealing with contracting conditions and vendor management issues, and the sometime complexities of moving to cloud and the procurement models required for these services.

Dialog is a panel member of the Australian Whole of Government Cloud Services Panel for providing Cloud consultancy, Google cloud services, and implementation, deployment, outsourcing and support of these services.




Increase Collaboration and Innovate

  • Google Apps helps you and your team work faster and smarter by making it easy for everyone to collaborate effortlessly across teams, locations and agencies.

Reduce Operational Costs

  • Spend less time and money managing your IT infrastructure. Google Apps is updated automatically so your IT team can forget about the hassles of downloading and deploying patches.


  • Google Apps for Government includes dozens of security features specifically designed to keep your data safe, secure and in your control with 99.9% uptime guaranteed.

Cloud Services

  • All your work is automatically saved in the cloud ~ you will have access to your email, calendar, documents and files no matter where you are or what device you're on.

Secure your Future

Future-proof your business with a platform built on security, perfect for regulated industries. James Snow, Security Strategist at Google discusses how to protect your agency with the latest thinking around privacy, security and compliance. Google's secure platform allows organisations to reap the benefits of online enterprise while mitigating the issues many businesses face online.



Case Study

Facing difficult budgetary circumstances, Multnomah County in North America decided to implement Google Apps saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in licensing fees and staff time and costs. Oregon's most populous county improved employee efficiency and collaboration whilst experiencing growing demand for services, by replacing old systems with Google Apps the local government became more innovative and economical.

Google for Government Transformation Program

Google's Offer

Google has announced a new initiative allowing an organisation of 250 to 3000 seats to Go to Google Apps or Google Drive Unlimited at no license cost during the remainder of their Microsoft Enterprise (or other vendor) Agreement. They will also pitch in $25 a seat to meet the deployment and initial training costs paid to the deployment partner to any new customer of 100 to 3000 seats. 

Consider that you could extend UNCLASS email and collaboration to all of an Agency up to 3000 seats in size, at No Cost at all for a base installation. The offer is valid for a limited time only.

Make savings (up to 70%) by not having a need for Office, or at least a great deal of your Microsoft Office Licensing… you are simply paying for the Google subscription going forward (after the EA expires). This is also a great way to avail yourself of a solution for any Innovation initiative without a significant (if any) capital outlay. 




To read more about this Cloud Transformation Offer click here.

Dialog's additional offer...

This Global initiative has attracted significant interest from industry, and Dialog has identified an opportunity for public sector organisations, and is therefore offering a range of services that will assist a Government department or agency to make this transition.

In addition to Google’s Mid-Market Campaign, the Dialog Google Solutions Practice will add a number of services at No Charge such as; Executive consultancy, numerous commercial and deployment workshops and cloud “Lift & Shift” discussions to ensure a frictionless Google transformation, along with other value added services if required.

A consultant can provide an understanding of all the Data Sovereignty, Security, Governance, and Privacy details as needed. It’s comprehensive and appropriate for Government organisations. 


Governments and Open Data

Dialog’s partnerships with organisations like BetterCloudYubico, and CloudMigrator, provide World best practice solutions for Government Departments to secure their connectivity to Google Cloud services, as well as a heuristic monitoring service that ensures that the organisation’s use of the cloud services meet privacy, data sovereignty and legislative requirements for security of the data.

Our consulting services for adopting or piloting cloud services also provide leading strategies for managing the security of these services well beyond existing on premise capabilities.

We guarantee that moving an element of the department’s operations to a cloud service will increase the security of that data from current operations, including increasing the security of end-user handling of the data. It is for this reason that several Defence agencies in the region are now considering and trialling these secured Google Cloud offerings.

Interested in discussing your agency’s requirements for a cloud service?

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Dialog is the Google Cloud Premier Partner in Australasia. Delivering Google Maps, Cloud and G Suite licensing and solutions for many of the region's largest Corporations and Government Agencies. Dialog specialises in deploying and integrating Google technologies with legacy corporate systems and platforms for our clients, providing scalable, robust and secure solutions that are popular with their users.

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