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Google Maps API

Maps are an essential part of our lives and Google Maps APIs can add value to your bottom line.

What is Maps API?

Google Maps APIs are a visual canvas for business planning, customer engagement and productivity improvements. The potential of Google Maps APIs is endless and Google Maps APIs can add value to your bottom line. 

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Our Licensing Services

Need enhanced features such as advanced geocoding, added support or full control over advertising? We offer Google Maps API licensing as the largest Google Cloud Premier Partner in Australia. Our Dialog Licensing Specialist Team can assist with all aspects of the licensing cycle from initial purchase through to annual subscription renewal. Ensuring the best Licnesing Model and Renewal Structure for your organisation is our priority.

We even offer a service called Maps Health Check. As per the Health Check, we contact customers from time to time to ensure that they are using Google Maps effectively and efficiently. This service is offered at no extra cost & is a complimentary service. Receive support from not only the Dialog team but Google as well, with a Google Maps API license.



Support from Google

Google Maps API Developer Resources

Service Level Agreement

Technical Support

Support Portal & Usage Reporting




Support from Dialog

Google Maps Health Check for the Duration of the License Term

Monthly Google Maps API for Business Page Views  Reports

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Google Maps API also delivers the service and support that enterprise organisations need when incorporating maps into customer facing websites or mission critical internal applications.


Hour Support
Degree Imagery
3D Cities Worldwide
Million Active Users


Maps API usage


Google Drive for Work (94%)
Google Maps for Work (72%)
Google Search for Work (75%)
Google Cloud Platform (81%)
Google Glass Integrations (96%)
DisasterReady Solutions (65%)



Present your data on the familiar Google Maps interface!



Google Maps Roads API

The Roads API allows you to map GPS coordinates to the geometry of the road, and to determine the speed limit along those road segments. The API is available via a simple HTTPS interface, and exposes two services:

  • Snap to roads - This service returns the best-fit road geometry for a given set of GPS coordinates. Providing a smooth experience for the user.
  • Speed limits - This service returns the posted speed limit for a road segment. The Speed Limit service is only available to Google Maps API for Work customers. 



Google Maps Geolocation API

The Google Maps Geolocation API returns a location and accuracy radius based on information about cell towers and WiFi nodes that the mobile client can detect.


Google Maps Places API

Make your app stand out with detailed information about 100 million places across a wide range of categories, from the same database as Google Maps and Google+.


Why the Maps for Work License?

Compare the feature available between the free Maps license and the Maps for Work service:

  Features   Maps API   Maps API for Work


  Street View


check check


  Geocoding Web Service


  2500 requests per day   As many as required; subject to purchased quota


  Directions Web Service


  2500 requests per day with

  10 waypoints per request

  As many as required; subject to purchased quota.


  Distance Matrix Web Service


  100 elements per query

  100 elements per 10 seconds

  2500 elements per day

  As many as required; subject to purchased quota


  Elevation Web Service


  2500 requests per day with

  25 000 samples per day

  As many as required; subject to purchased quota


  Static Maps API maximum resolution


  640 x 640   2048 x 2048


  Static Map API maximum scale


  2X   4X


  Street View Image API maximum resolution


  640 x 640   2048 x 2048


  Roads API


  2500 requests per day   As many as required; access to speed limit data



Dialog Google Solutions

Dialog is the Google Cloud Premier Partner in Australasia. Delivering Google Maps, Cloud and G Suite licensing and solutions for many of the region's largest Corporations and Government Agencies. Dialog specialises in deploying and integrating Google technologies with legacy corporate systems and platforms for our clients, providing scalable, robust and secure solutions that are popular with their users.

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