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The Customer Success, Mobility Management, Security Management, Business Transformation, Legacy IT Modernisation, Enhanced Technical Support,Premium Account Management services we provide.

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Dialog's Google for Government Transformation Program includes a set of deployment and ongoing services to augment Google's Mid-market offer at no additional cost.

Google's Mid-market initiative allows organisations of 100-3000 seats to move to Google Apps or Drive for work at largely no upfront costs. The Dialog Google Solutions Practice has identified an opportunity for public sector organisations, and is offering a range of services that will assist a Government department or agency to make this transition.


  • Government Governance and Brand Association Executive Consultations,
  • A number of transformative workshops,
  • Security and Training assessments, and;
  • ICT Executive discussions.


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Having a well defined mobile strategy and management solution is a key value driver for organisations. This offering will assist in developing and implementing a best practice mobile management strategy alongside deploying Google’s enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution.

Many organisations do not have an effective mobile strategy in place, do not employ good mobile security processes, effectively manage the mobile apps available to employees or encourage mobile adoption through policies or change management. This service line aims to address these issues with relevant and targeted offerings including:


  • Assessment reports,
  • Implementation and Device Lifecycle plans,
  • Kickoff workshops, and;
  • Managed devices inventory.


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This service line will help you improve your Google Apps security posture, reduce security risk and mitigate security threats. In this offering we will assist your organisation optimise, prepare, and monitor the security of their Google Apps for Work domain, evaluating additional services and tools to implement best in class Identity and Access Management solutions.

Administrators and end users will be introduced to new security tools through workshops and training. The security management offers services such as:


  • Security assessment,
  • Implementation and incident response plans,
  • Security workshop, and;
  • Security training.



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The Transformation Starter Pack offering is an allotment of hours that are used to understand the customer’s business goals or key challenges, inspire the customer and users to take action and uncover business processes and areas that will derive the most impact from transforming.

A sustained focus on enabling technology, motivating people and reinventing business processes is required for true innovation and user empowerment. This service line aims to address these issues with relevant and targeted offerings:


  • Prepare and run a half day Transformation Lab to help,
  • Rapidly prototype and build quick, easy to implement solutions,
  • Create a project plan and track a pipeline of future projects and solutions, and;
  • Execute on some of the easier, high impact projects.


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The Rationalise Productivity Suit Costs offering will help you reduce and optimise costs related to licenses, maintenance and support of legacy IT systems. Dialog Google Solutions Practice will transition users and business processes from legacy systems such as productivity suites, network file shares, and document management to Google Apps-based solutions.

This transition is accomplished through a Google-designed methodology to assess current usage, plan the project schedule and scope, and prepare users with the training, communication and support they need.


  • Google adoption and transition impact assessments,
  • Transformation of MS Office dependent processes,
  • Transition support: training, workshops, communications, and;
  • User segmentation report.


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With this service line customers will be offered enhanced support around technical issues. The objective of this service is to; understand the customer issues and provide the best solution, provide guidance and answers to all platform questions, be involved in domain management and provide ongoing support for all needs that arise.

There are currently four offerings within this service line, these are:


  • Customer Support - Non-transactional support, expedient and customised answers for issues and bugs on the tool.
  • Support Consultancy - Help desk assessment to ensure alignment with Google and our support.
  • Support Training - How to manage the tickets, small customers support and advanced domain management.
  • Domain Management Support - Reduce activities not related to the core business by outsourcing management of your domain(s).


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Get the full value of your investment in Google products. Maintain focus on empowering IT, driving adoption, and fostering innovation long after you have initially launched into Google Apps.

The Premium Account Management service helps develop healthy relationships between the partner and the customer by enabling added value beyond the initial deployment of Google Apps licenses.

This selection of services will assuredly result in a positive impact on your Google lifetime value.


  • Assist in IT Operations - improve processes and review issues,
  • Implementation planning to build adoption,
  • Adoption advocacy, monitoring and transformation initiatives, and;
  • Proactive communication with personalised advice and recommendations.


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The Statistics

Challenges of IT transformation come from many directions, Customer Success Management is proven to impact these areas.

Higher Google Doc adoption when Customer Success Services are implemented

Of organisational change failures are primarily caused by insufficient communication

Organisation readiness and support requirements are the top roadblock contributors

CIOs think “alignment within teams” is the main barrier for continuous IT optimisation


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Dialog is the Google Cloud Premier Partner in Australasia. Delivering Google Maps, Cloud and G Suite licensing and solutions for many of the region's largest Corporations and Government Agencies. Dialog specialises in deploying and integrating Google technologies with legacy corporate systems and platforms for our clients, providing scalable, robust and secure solutions that are popular with their users.

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